About Us

The Beaulieu College Hockey Academy has become a bastion of hockey development in northern Johannesburg over the past years. The Academy was established in 2010 when Allistar Fredericks, the late president of Southern Gauteng Hockey, was appointed as the coach. The Academy looked to address the need for a professional coaching and development body to further the sport for the benefit of both young and experienced players in the area. The Academy has therefore also opened up a hockey club, which has grown from humble roots to nearly 280 junior and 120 senior players in 2020.

We continue to grow and improve the standards of Hockey at our two Preparatory Schools (Kyalami Preparatory and Beaulieu Preparatory) as well as at Beaulieu College. Our aim is to ensure the Academy offers the highest quality coaching and staff to compete and achieve positive results against top hockey schools and clubs in Southern Gauteng. 

The Academy aims to create the best Schools’ Indoor League in Southern Gauteng once our new, state of the art indoor facility has been completed.

Academy Coach

Errol Davis:
Winning coach of the Pullen and Howell Cup 2019 -
The Top Gauteng Schools Girls tournament and Level 2 Coach. 

Academy Coach

Reza Rosenberg:
Indoor and Outdoor International and
Level 2 Coach: Winning coach of the U18 Inter-Provincial Tournament B-team Boys in 2019.