It is a great pleasure to announce that Beaulieu College, once again, boasts an outstanding set of results for the National Senior Certificate. Our matric group has given an impressive account of their academic ability, gaining the admiration of the parents, staff and the KSG at large. The group of pupils endured a two-year COVID pandemic period where many new skills had to be mastered while keeping up their academic performance. The resilience and goal-driven mentality of the pupils lead them to produce the results we all celebrate today.

Below is an itemised snapshot of the results.

100% pass rate (all 104 pupils obtained a matric pass).

97% Bachelor Degree Pass (101 out of 104 pupils) 8% higher than IEB Bachelor Degree pass rate of 89%

244 distinctions in total (average of 2,3 Distinctions per Candidate).

58% of our pupils achieve either an A or B aggregate (60 pupils scored an aggregate mark of 70% or more).

8 Subjects had Candidates placed in the Top 1% of IEB Candidates Nationwide.

English (2 Candidates)

Geography (2 Candidates)

History (2 Candidates)

IsiZulu (1 Candidate)

Life Orientation (2 Candidates)

Life Sciences (1 Candidate)

Mathematics (1 Candidate)

Physical Sciences (2 Candidates)

Two pupils received IEB Outstanding Achievement Certificates for placing in the top 5% nationally for 5 or more subjects while also scoring a Distinction in Life Orientation.

83% of the Subjects offered at the College (83%) achieved an average higher than the IEB subject average

Beaulieu College would like to extend our gratitude to all administration and auxiliary staff for the key role they have played in facilitating this group’s success. Thank you also to all the parents for their role in supporting their children. Most of all I would like to commend the Academic Staff for the work each of them has put into making sure this group produced the best results in the history of Beaulieu College to date.

Congratulations to each and every pupil – you have made us all exceptionally proud!