Beaulieu College Newsletter - 9 April 2020

From the Headmistress' desk,
Mrs Danielle Meikle

We have reached the end of strange yet still very successful term at the College. If anyone had told me this time last year what March and April would look like in 2020, I would have brushed them off as slightly unhinged. And while it is true that everyone has risen to the challenge of delivering the “new normal”, I have so missed being surrounded, in the physical sense, by our staff and pupils for the last 3 weeks. We are social beings and teaching (or managing the school) online is not the same as being surrounded by pupils and staff in real-life. We are delivering our product without that face-to-face warmth of the classroom and the school in general. Teaching remotely has largely been successful and I am astounded at the adaptability of our staff and pupils, but nothing beats being in the same space and experiencing the warmth of physical human connection.

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