Sport at the College

At Beaulieu College we believe sport activities are integral to the holistic development of each individual.  The main goal of the co-curricular programme is to give pupils an opportunity to express themselves and develop skills outside the classroom, while also enhancing social skills and physical and mental health. In all co-curricular codes emphasis is place on the life skills learned in the activity – teamwork, spirit, co-operation, effective communication, grit and resilience-skills that transfer to other areas of the pupil’s life.

We believe every pupil has the ability to achieve something significant in sport, whether it is achieving a personal goal,  playing for a school team, or achieving district, provincial or national selection. For the more competitive individual, we also encourage high levels of competition in specific activities.  We perform at the highest levels in sports such as Equestrian, Hockey and Netball.

Sports on offer include:

Swimming, Waterpolo, Golf, Tennis, Squash, Equestrian, Boys’ and Girls’ Soccer, Athletics, Cricket, Hockey, Netball and Rugby.